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Looking for a thrilling Mumm/Farr 30 boat ? Explore our collection of 1996 models and yachts. Upgrade your sailing experience and feel the excitement on the water!


Mumm/Farr 30 1996 Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1996  
Manufacturer: Sailboats Unlimited
Max Mile Range:65,500  

USA 17 has been completely redone, new decks in 2005 @ Driscolls in SD, new bottom and topsides 2010, mast has been stripped and recoated and repainted– Yacht Barn Costa Mesa (all receipts can be provided). B&G’s, numerous new and lightly carbon/kevlar North Sails, and an extremely clean interior and meticulous care make this boat a real gem. Boat has been stored on trailer for most of 2010 so super dry and fast.  Whether you race one design or PHRF, USA 17 is a proven winner SoCal 2009 Champions ( and with the 2011 Farr 30 Worlds in San Francisco this is a great opportunity to by a boat in California and this boat can definitely take you to the podium.  

Hull Material 
Number of Engines 

Contact Information

(310) 821-8300
(310) 821-8303

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Mumm/Farr 30 Boats & Mumm/Farr 30 Specs & Pictures


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Mumm/Farr 30 1996 Boats & Yachts

Mumm/Farr 30 1996 Boats & Yachts

If you are a fan of sailing and looking for a high-performance boat, the Mumm/Farr 30 from 1996 is an excellent choice. These boats are known for their speed, agility, and exciting racing capabilities. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner, the Mumm/Farr 30 can provide an exhilarating experience on the water.

Design and Features

The Mumm/Farr 30 was designed by Bruce Farr, renowned for his expertise in designing fast and sleek sailing boats. This boat offers a combination of performance and comfort, making it suitable for both competitive racing and leisurely cruising.

With its 30-foot length, the Mumm/Farr 30 is designed to be easily handled by a small crew, making it ideal for solo sailing or for a group of friends. The boat’s fractional rig with a carbon fiber mast and a large sail area-to-displacement ratio ensures excellent speed and maneuverability.

The Mumm/Farr 30 features a spacious cockpit that provides ample room for crew members to move around comfortably. The deck layout is designed for efficient handling and easy access to all controls. The open transom design allows for quick and hassle-free water entry and exit.

Racing Performance

One of the major advantages of the Mumm/Farr 30 is its performance in races. These boats are built to compete in regattas and offer excellent upwind and downwind capabilities. The light displacement and sleek design allow the boat to reach impressive speeds, especially when sailing downwind with a spinnaker.

The Mumm/Farr 30 class races are held worldwide, providing ample opportunities for owners to showcase their sailing skills. These races are not only thrilling but also a great way to connect with other sailing enthusiasts and build lasting friendships.

Availability and Cost

As a 1996 model, the Mumm/Farr 30 boats are available in the boat market. This can be an advantage for those looking for an affordable racing boat, as the price of boats is typically lower than new ones. However, it is important to carefully inspect the boat’s condition and ensure that all necessary maintenance and updates have been carried out.

The cost of a Mumm/Farr 30 boat can vary depending on factors such as its overall condition, equipment, and location. It is advisable to consult with a reputable yacht broker or boat dealer to get accurate pricing information and guidance in the purchasing process.


The Mumm/Farr 30 1996 is a fantastic boat for those who are passionate about sailing and racing. Its sleek design, excellent performance, and affordability make it a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts around the world. Whether you are looking to join competitive races or simply enjoy leisurely cruising, the Mumm/Farr 30 can deliver an unforgettable sailing experience.

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