New Bertram 25 Moppie Boats – *2023 – Latest Models

Bertram 25 Moppie is a fishing boat that can be customized. The body of the Bertram 25 is made of fiberglass and it has a diesel Volvo engine. The deck of the boat is clean and new, with new batteries and carpet on the upper deck. The boat was mostly used in freshwater, but also spent some time in the Adriatic. It comes with a boat trailer for the winter offer.

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The 1966 Bertram 25 Moppie has been extensively customized and the quality of work is evident. The housing and lower helm station have been replaced with a custom tower. The fiberglass has been reworked and new wiring has been installed. It is powered by a new Yanmar 240 diesel engine, which allows it to reach speeds over 25 knots. The owner has taken good care of the boat and it has always been kept on a lift. It is perfect for a Cobia season and showcases the revival of a classic hull. The owner is open to offers and is proud to show off his craftsmanship.

Some specifications of the boat include a diesel fuel type, fiberglass hull material, and a deep vee hull shape. The boat is 9 ft 10 in wide and has a draft board/drive up of 2 ft 5 in. Its dry weight is 7500 lb and it has a Yanmar 4LHAM-STZPC engine. The fuel capacity is 80 gallons and the overall length is 25 ft. It has one head and has been used for 670 engine hours.

For more information about the boat, you can find the contact information in the bottom comments area. You can reach the owner by phone or fax.

If you are interested in buying a Bertram 25 boat, you can find listings and other websites. There are also pictures and specifications available for these boats. is a leader platform for buying and selling boats and yachts, with a wide range of models available on their website.

Some frequently asked questions about the Bertram 25 Moppie boats include the price, the manufacturer, the speed in the sea, and whether it is suitable for commercial use. The price of the Bertram 25 Moppie boats is approximately $85,000. The manufacturer is Gulf Coast Hatteras. The boats can reach speeds up to 40 knots per hour in the sea. They are also suitable for commercial use.

If you are interested in buying a Bertram 25 Moppie boat, you can visit and search for the specific model.

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