New Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop Boats in 2023

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Find a wide selection of Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boats . These traditional and charming boats offer exceptional quality and are perfect for those who appreciate classic design. Browse our inventory for the best deals on Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boats today.

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Find listings for pre-owned Friendship Sloop sailboats here. These boats are produced by and are known for their wooden hulls and diesel engines. They are capable of accommodating large groups of people.

Review and Specifications of Wilbur Morse Friendship Boats

Year: 1901
Max Mile Range:32,000

AMITY is one of the last remaining Friendship Sloop boats in Maine. It was built in 1901 by Wilbur A. Morse in Friendship, Maine. Morse is credited with developing the Friendship Sloop design, which quickly gained a reputation for its ease of handling and seaworthiness. AMITY was originally built as a workboat.

Initially, AMITY was for lobstering. However, with the rise of powerboats, its commercial sailing use came to an end. It was then converted into a pleasure craft and had a series of owners, including James R. Wiggins, a former editor of the Washington Post and President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Ambassador to the United Nations. More recently, it has returned to its working roots as a daysail boat in Belfast, Maine.

AMITY still retains its workboat finish and has been well-maintained by its current owners. It is in excellent condition and comes with a current survey. The boat has a length overall of 38 feet 9 inches, a beam of 10 feet, and a draft of 4 feet 6 inches. It weighs 22,000 pounds and has a ballast of 2,000 pounds. The hull is made of cedar on oak and is bronze fastened. The deck is made of fiberglass over plywood. The engine is a rebuilt 1975 Volvo 2-cylinder diesel with 25 horsepower.


Fuel Type 

Hull Material 
Draft Board/Drive Up 
Length Overall 
Number of Engines 
10 ft
4 ft 6 in
38 ft 9 in


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Wilbur Morse Boats & Wilbur Morse Specs & Pictures

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The price of a Friendship Sloop is approximately $30,000.

Friendship Sloop boats are produced by

A Friendship Sloop can reach a speed of 9 knots per hour.

Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop Boats

There is something undeniably captivating about the grace and elegance of Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boats. With their timeless design and rich history, these boats offer a unique sailing experience that is cherished by boating enthusiasts around the world.

A Brief History

Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boats trace their roots back to the late 1800s when they were first built in Maine, USA. Originally for fishing and lobstering, these sloops quickly gained popularity for their seaworthiness and versatile design. Today, they are celebrated for their recreational use and their ability to navigate both coastal waters and inland lakes.

The Design

One of the most distinct features of Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boats is their iconic gaff-rigged design, which consists of a large mainsail and a smaller headsail. This rigging allows for easy handling and enhances the boat’s stability even in strong winds. The sleek lines and classic aesthetics of these boats make them a sight to behold, evoking a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era.

These sloops are typically between 25 to 40 feet in length, offering ample space for comfortable cruising. The hull is often made from wood, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each boat’s construction. However, modern versions in fiberglass are also available, combining the traditional charm with enhanced durability.

The Sailing Experience

If you are a sailing enthusiast or simply appreciate the art of sailing, a Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boat will undoubtedly deliver an exceptional experience. The design and construction allow for smooth and stable sailing, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned sailors alike.

These sloops excel in both leisurely cruising and competitive racing. The ease of handling and maneuverability ensures that you can navigate through tight spaces and embark on exciting adventures in various sailing conditions. Whether you opt for a solo sail or enjoy the company of friends and family, a Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boat offers endless opportunities for memorable experiences on the water.

Owning a Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop Boat

If you find yourself drawn to the allure of Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boats, you may be wondering how to make one your own. Fortunately, there are options available for purchasing a new or vessel.

Several boatbuilders specialize in crafting these sloops, ensuring that each boat is built with the same level of dedication and craftsmanship as their predecessors. Alternatively, you may come across Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boats , offering an opportunity to own a vessel with a fascinating history and character.

Whatever your choice may be, owning a Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop boat opens the door to a world of adventure and a deep appreciation for the art of sailing. These timeless vessels continue to command attention and inspire awe, reminding us of the beauty and ingenuity of traditional boat designs.

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