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PT boats – are a rare find, especially the aluminum Torpedo Boats that were used by the US Navy in the past. These boats have a rich history and have been restored to Coast Guard standards. One such boat is the 1938 United States Navy PT, which is now available for personal use. It has a top speed of 66 knots and is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of US Naval history. This particular boat, known as PT-8, is the only aluminum PT boat ever built and one of the few that are still on the water today. The current owner has fully restored it and brought it up to Coast Guard standards, making it totally operational. It comes with a new aluminum hull, two Detroit diesel engines, and a custom six-axle trailer. This vintage Naval vessel is valued at $3.75 million, according to a recent appraisal.

If you’re interested in collecting PT boats, this 1938 United States Navy PT boat – is a must-see. It has been refurbished to meet Coast Guard standards and is perfect for enthusiasts. This rare boat has a top speed of 66 knots and comes with features such as a forward 20mm Oerlikon cannon, twin .50-caliber Browning machine gun stations, and four tubes with Mark VIII torpedoes. It also has depth charge launchers. PT boats – come in different sizes and price ranges. The more affordable models start at $39,500, while the higher-end ones can reach over $94,900. These boats offer unique options for both family use and investment opportunities. They are often available at boat dealerships and can be easily found online.

PT boats were originally developed in the 1920s for high-speed racing on the Great Lakes. They were later used by the US Navy in World War II for patrolling harbors and rivers. Today, they are made of fiberglass, making them more durable. They were often modified for combat operations during the war, with some boats equipped with anti-tank guns, rocket launchers, and mortars. The PT-48, known for sinking the Japanese submarine IJN TERUZUKI, has the highest combat record of any PT boat.

Finding a PT boat – is an exciting opportunity, and you can start your search . There are refurbished examples available, and they can be a great investment. These boats are rare and hold historical significance, making them a unique addition to any collection.

Michael Johnson


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Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
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