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Sunbeam 32 Sunbeam Boats Review and Specs:

In 1991, the Sunbeam 32 Sunbeam Boats was manufactured by Jopp & Charles Yachting. It is priced at Estimated Mile Range 56,900 (Max Mile Range:75,768).

Features and layout include an aft cabin, bow cabin, and salon. The pantry is equipped with an oven, refrigerator, gas hob, and sink unit.

Technological features include an anchor, anchor locker, battery charger, mechanical bilge pump, electric bow-windlass, deck washdown area, and shore power 230V.

Navigation tools include an autopilot, echo sounder, GPS, single sideband short wave radio, compass, sumlog, and VHF radio. Safety features consist of a pushpit, fire extinguisher, pulpit, and guard rails.

The sails of the boat include an aluminum boom, furling-jib system, and self-tacking foresail. There is also a spray hood for awnings and covers.

Additional accessories of the boat include an anchor chain, swimming ladder, built-in swimming platform, cockpit table, deck shower, deck hatch, pressure washer, stern shower, heating, radio with cassette, anti-fouling, water heater, and other extras.

The boat is fuelled by diesel and has a fiberglass hull material with one engine.

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The Sunbeam 32: An Iconic Sailboat from 1991

The Sunbeam 32 is a classic sailboat that has captivated sailors since its introduction in 1991. With its sleek design and excellent sailing characteristics, this boat is a popular choice for both racing and cruising enthusiasts. If you are in the market for a boat that offers a perfect balance of performance and comfort, the Sunbeam 32 is worth considering.

Design and Performance

Designed by the renowned naval architect Manfred Schöchl, the Sunbeam 32 boasts a timeless and elegant look. Its deep V-bow and pronounced sheer line not only enhance the boat’s appearance but also contribute to its impressive sailing performance. The well-engineered hull design ensures excellent stability, responsiveness, and balance.

Equipped with a capable rigging system, the Sunbeam 32 shows its true potential during sailing. The boat is known for its ability to perform well in various weather conditions. Whether you are racing with your friends or embarking on a coastal adventure, you can count on the Sunbeam 32 to give you an exhilarating and enjoyable sail.

Comfort and Amenities

Although performance is an important aspect, the Sunbeam 32 doesn’t compromise on comfort and convenience. The spacious interior layout allows for comfortable accommodation for a small crew or family. The boat features a well-appointed galley, a cozy saloon, and a separate sleeping cabin.

The Sunbeam 32 is equipped with modern amenities that ensure a pleasant stay on board. The boat is fitted with a well-functioning toilet and shower, making longer trips more comfortable. Ample storage space allows you to bring all the necessary supplies for your adventure, ensuring convenience at sea.

Why Choose the Sunbeam 32?

There are several reasons why the Sunbeam 32 stands out among other sailboats of its size and class:

1. Versatility: The Sunbeam 32 is a versatile sailboat that can perform well in various sailing scenarios. Whether you are racing or cruising, this boat delivers an exceptional experience.

2. Durability: The boat’s high-quality construction ensures its durability and longevity. Built with superior craftsmanship, the Sunbeam 32 can withstand the test of time and provide you with years of sailing pleasure.

3. Classic Design: The Sunbeam 32’s timeless design is visually appealing and never goes out of style. It exudes elegance and sophistication both on and off the water.

4. Easy Handling: With its well-balanced sail plan and user-friendly controls, the Sunbeam 32 is easy to handle even for less-experienced sailors. This makes it a great choice for those looking to upgrade to a larger boat.

In Conclusion

If you are searching for a sailboat that combines performance, comfort, and classic design, the Sunbeam 32 is an excellent choice. Its timeless appeal, outstanding sailing performance, and comfortable amenities make it a beloved boat among sailors worldwide. Consider adding the Sunbeam 32 to your fleet and enjoy countless memorable sailing adventures.

Michael Johnson

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