Sunseeker Apache 45 1995 Boats for Sale & Yachts Update to 2023

Experience the thrill of owning a Sunseeker Apache 45 from 1995. This beautiful yacht is ready for new adventures on the water.

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Sunseeker Apache 45 Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1995  
Manufacturer: East Marine SL
Price: Estimated Mile Range 85,000
(Max Mile Range:113,186)  


Hull Material 
Number of Engines 

Contact Information

+34 972 453 154
+34 972 452 785

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Why Sunseeker Apache 45 1995 Boats for Sale & Yachts Are a Great Choice

Are you in the market for a luxurious and high-performance yacht? Look no further than the Sunseeker Apache 45 1995! This iconic boat offers the perfect combination of style, speed, and comfort, making it a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.


One of the key features of the Sunseeker Apache 45 is its impressive performance. With twin engines producing a total of 840 horsepower, this yacht can reach speeds of up to 50 knots. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline or racing across the open sea, you’ll love the exhilarating experience of driving this powerful boat.


The Sunseeker Apache 45 is not only a high-performance machine, but also a work of art on the water. Its sleek and stylish design is sure to turn heads wherever you go. The spacious cockpit and luxurious interior are perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing with your family. With attention to detail in every aspect of its design, this yacht offers the ultimate in comfort and elegance.


In addition to its impressive performance and stunning design, the Sunseeker Apache 45 is loaded with features that make it a top choice for boaters. From a fully-equipped galley and comfortable sleeping quarters to state-of-the-art navigation and entertainment systems, this yacht has everything you need for a fantastic boating experience.

So if you’re in the market for a high-performance yacht that offers the perfect blend of speed, style, and comfort, look no further than the Sunseeker Apache 45 1995. With its impressive performance, stunning design, and luxurious features, this yacht is sure to provide you with years of unforgettable boating experiences.

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