The Vagabond 17 Sailboat: A Comprehensive Guide

The Vagabond 17 Sailboat: A Comprehensive Guide

Are ​you interested in ‌learning⁣ more⁣ about the Vagabond ⁢17 sailboat? This⁢ comprehensive guide will give you the essential information you need‍ to know about‍ this ⁢unique sailboat. ⁣We will discuss⁣ everything from the boat’s design and specifications to its performance in​ different conditions. We will ⁣also cover maintenance ​and troubleshooting tips so you⁢ can get the most out of your sailboat. Read ​on to find ⁣out ⁢more ⁤about‍ the Vagabond 17 sailboat and prepare to experience a new level⁣ of sailing.
vagabond 17 sailboat specs

vagabond 17 sailboat specs

Vagabond ⁢17 Sailboat Specifications

Are⁢ you⁣ ready to‌ set sail⁢ on ⁢your next ⁢adventure? Look no further than the magnificent Vagabond 17 ​Sailboat. With​ its sleek‍ design⁢ and ⁢exceptional performance, ⁤this sailboat‌ is perfect for both⁤ novice⁣ sailors and experienced seafarers​ alike.

Measuring at⁣ 17 ‌feet,⁤ the Vagabond is compact yet spacious ⁤enough ⁢to comfortably accommodate a⁣ small crew. ​Its sturdy construction and advanced engineering​ ensure a stable and smooth sailing experience‌ on both ​calm waters and​ challenging sea conditions.

Let’s dive ‌into the noteworthy features ‌that‍ make ⁢the Vagabond ​17 Sailboat‌ a top choice ⁣for many adventurous⁢ souls:

Impressive Features:

  • Durable Fiberglass ⁤Body: ⁣ Crafted with high-quality fiberglass material, the Vagabond⁤ 17 ‌is built⁤ to withstand the test of ‌time and​ the elements.
  • Easy Handling: The‌ sailboat’s user-friendly design allows for effortless maneuverability,‌ making it an excellent choice for solo or small⁢ crew sailing experiences.
  • Spacious​ Cockpit: ​ Despite‌ its compact‍ size,⁢ the Vagabond‍ boasts a roomy cockpit ensuring comfort‌ during long sailing journeys.

Additional Features:

Feature Description
Sleeping Berths Cozy sleeping accommodations ​for 2 people⁣ inside the cabin.
Deep Keel Provides‍ excellent stability and tracking in various weather conditions.
Self-Bailing Cockpit Keeps⁢ the cockpit​ dry and ⁢water-free, even during rough sea conditions.

These ⁣are just some of the remarkable features that ‌the Vagabond 17 Sailboat has to offer. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling day ⁢on the open waters‍ or embarking on ⁣an extended sailing adventure, this⁣ sailboat⁣ has everything you need and​ more. Get ready to chart​ your course and create unforgettable memories​ aboard ​the Vagabond 17!

vagabond 17‍ sailboat review

vagabond 17 sailboat ‍review

About the ⁢Vagabond‍ 17 ​Sailboat

The ⁤Vagabond ⁤17 is a fantastic sailboat for both novice ⁢and⁤ experienced sailors‌ alike. Its sleek design and versatile features make it a popular choice among ​sailing enthusiasts. Whether you’re planning a leisurely day ‍sail or⁢ an adventurous coastal journey, the Vagabond 17 is ⁢ready⁤ to take you on your next sailing⁣ adventure.

Why ⁤Choose the​ Vagabond⁢ 17

Here are some reasons ‌why the Vagabond ⁢17 stands out from ‌other sailboats in its class:

  • Compact and‍ Easy to Handle: The Vagabond⁣ 17 is designed ⁤to be compact, making ⁤it easy⁤ to handle⁢ both⁤ on and ‍off the ⁤water. Its lightweight construction allows ⁤for ⁣effortless transport and ⁤launching.
  • Stability ⁤and Performance: ⁤ Despite⁤ its size, the Vagabond 17 offers​ impressive stability and ​performance, even‍ in varying weather‍ conditions. Its well-balanced ​hull design ensures a ‍smooth and enjoyable ​sailing experience.
  • Comfort and Amenities: The Vagabond 17 may be compact,​ but it doesn’t compromise on comfort. ​The⁢ spacious cockpit provides ample⁢ seating, while the cabin offers⁤ cozy sleeping quarters for overnight trips. With its well-thought-out amenities,​ including a marine head and ⁣a galley, the Vagabond 17 ensures a ⁤comfortable stay ‍on the water.
  • Reliable ⁤Construction: Built⁣ with durability in mind, the Vagabond​ 17 is constructed using high-quality materials that ensure the ⁢longevity of the sailboat.‍ Its well-engineered design guarantees​ a safe and reliable sailing experience.

The ⁤Vagabond 17 Sailboat: A ‌Comprehensive‍ Guide

Feature Description
Length 17 feet
Beam 6 feet 2⁣ inches
Draft 2 ⁣feet⁢ 6 inches

vagabond 17 sailboat pros and cons

vagabond 17 sailboat pros and cons

Vagabond 17 ‌Sailboat: Exploring the Pros ⁤and Cons

The Vagabond 17 Sailboat is a⁢ vessel that​ promises endless adventures on the open ⁤sea, but‌ like any ⁢boat,⁤ it ⁣has its​ fair share of​ advantages⁢ and disadvantages. Let’s delve⁣ into the world of this charming sailboat and⁢ explore‌ what​ makes it ‌a popular choice among sailors.


  • Compact ⁢Size: The Vagabond ‍17⁢ Sailboat may be⁤ small in size, ⁤but it offers incredible maneuverability and ‌can easily navigate ⁤through ‌tight spaces.
  • Easy to​ Handle: Whether you’re a⁤ seasoned sailor or just starting on‌ your⁣ maritime journey, ​this sailboat is ⁢designed⁣ to be user-friendly and can‍ be operated ‌with minimal ⁤effort.
  • Sturdy Construction: ‌Built with durability ⁣in​ mind, the‌ Vagabond 17 is constructed using high-quality ‌materials to withstand ‌rough waters ⁣and unpredictable⁢ weather conditions.


  • Limited Space: Due to its compact ​size, ‌the Vagabond⁢ 17 may not offer as much space for storage or comfort⁣ compared to larger​ sailboats. ⁣It’s essential ‍to pack‍ light ‌and make the most out⁤ of the available space.
  • Reduced Stability: ​ While the Vagabond 17 is known for its agility, its smaller size can make it ⁢more susceptible‍ to ⁤rocking in rough seas. It’s ⁤important ‍to be mindful ‌of the⁤ weather conditions before setting⁢ sail.
  • Restricted⁣ Accommodation: If you’re⁣ planning extended trips, keep in mind that the Vagabond 17 may not provide the same level⁤ of comfort‍ and amenities ⁤as larger boats.​ However, its simplicity can also ‍be viewed as an opportunity for a more‍ intimate ⁢and immersive sailing experience.

The Vagabond ⁤17 Sailboat: ⁢A Comprehensive ⁤Guide

Feature Description
Compact ‍Design The Vagabond 17’s compact design ⁤allows⁤ for easy handling and‌ maneuverability, ⁤making‍ it suitable ​for beginners and experienced sailors alike.
Durable ⁤Construction Constructed ​with ⁢high-quality materials,⁣ the sailboat ‌ensures robustness and longevity, enabling ⁣it to tackle various ‌sailing conditions.
Efficient Space Usage While ‌small, the Vagabond 17 optimizes its interior space ‌to provide the necessary storage options⁤ and basic amenities ⁢for a‍ comfortable journey.

vagabond 17 sailboat interior ⁤photos

vagabond 17​ sailboat ⁤interior photos

Step‌ aboard the Vagabond‌ 17 sailboat and ‍immerse yourself in its charming interior. Designed⁢ to maximize comfort and functionality, the cabin offers a cozy retreat for ​sailors⁤ seeking‌ adventure on the open ‌waters. Discover the​ serene beauty‌ of this sailboat’s interior through captivating‌ photos that showcase its‌ unique features and thoughtful design.

Featuring a spacious and intelligently arranged layout, the ⁤Vagabond 17 sailboat provides ample storage and living space‌ for⁣ all your⁣ nautical essentials. ⁣With its rich wooden accents⁢ and carefully crafted details, each⁢ corner of the interior ⁤exudes a sense of warmth ⁢and tranquility. Find ‌your favorite spot to unwind,⁣ whether⁣ it ​be in the comfortable ⁢sleeping quarters, the inviting ⁣dining area with adjustable ‌table, ⁢or the well-equipped galley ⁤with​ sink and stove.

Features Benefits
1.⁢ Spacious cabin layout Plenty of room for‍ relaxation⁢ and storage
2. Inviting dining area Allows for ⁢comfortable meals and socializing on board
3. Well-equipped ⁢galley Convenient​ for preparing meals during longer⁤ voyages

vagabond 17 sailboat ⁣specifications

vagabond 17 sailboat⁤ specifications

The Vagabond 17 Sailboat is a⁤ true gem of⁢ the open waters, ‌offering sailors an unparalleled experience on the high ​seas. Crafted with ⁤precision and attention to detail,‌ this magnificent vessel ⁢boasts a ⁤range of impressive specifications that enhance its performance and durability.

  • Length ⁢Overall: ⁣17 feet
  • Beam:⁤ 7 feet
  • Draft:⁤ 1.5 feet
  • Mast Height: 23⁢ feet
  • Sail Area: 180 square feet

Designed⁣ for both novice adventurers and seasoned sailors, the Vagabond 17 Sailboat combines stability, speed, and ​comfort in one seamless package.‌ Its ‍sleek design‍ ensures optimal‍ maneuverability,‍ while ‍the spacious cockpit‍ provides ample⁣ room for ⁢relaxation during long voyages.

Features Description
Fiberglass ‌Construction The Vagabond ⁤17 Sailboat features a durable and lightweight fiberglass hull,‌ ensuring exceptional ⁣strength ​and longevity.
Swing Keel The swing keel ⁤design​ allows for easy raising⁢ and lowering,​ providing enhanced ⁢flexibility in ⁤shallow waters.
Self-bailing‍ Cockpit No need to worry⁢ about⁣ water⁣ pooling in the ​cockpit;⁣ the Vagabond 17⁢ comes ‍equipped with a ⁣self-bailing system, ​keeping ⁤you⁢ dry and comfortable.

vagabond‌ 17 sailboat layout

vagabond 17 sailboat layout

The Vagabond 17 sailboat ‌offers a carefully designed layout‍ that ⁣maximizes comfort and functionality ⁣for both experienced ‍sailors and beginners.‌ Whether you’re embarking on ‌a thrilling solo adventure or enjoying a relaxing ⁤day on ⁢the water with friends,⁣ this sailboat guarantees a delightful experience.

Featuring a spacious cockpit, the‌ Vagabond 17 allows for easy maneuverability⁣ and comfortable ‍seating for⁢ the entire crew. The ergonomically designed seats ⁢provide excellent⁣ back‍ support, ensuring⁤ pleasant ‌hours ⁣spent sailing.⁢ The open layout fosters ⁣a sense ​of‍ freedom and ‍allows​ for easy access to all areas ⁤of the boat.

Key Features:

  • Secure Cabin: The Vagabond‍ 17 offers a ‍cozy​ cabin ⁣that lets you escape from the elements ⁣when needed. With a lockable⁢ door, ⁤you can store your valuables safely and retreat⁣ to a private⁢ space for a‍ quick break.
  • Ample Storage: This sailboat is equipped⁣ with well-placed storage compartments, allowing you to⁣ bring all the⁤ necessary⁣ gear and​ supplies for an extended ​trip. Stow away your provisions, equipment, and ⁢personal ​belongings conveniently to keep the​ boat clutter-free.
  • Sturdy ⁢Hull: ​ The⁣ Vagabond 17 boasts⁤ a ⁢robust yet‌ lightweight fiberglass hull, ⁣built to withstand the ⁢elements and offer excellent stability‌ on the⁤ water.‌ The ⁤hull’s design provides​ exceptional performance, ‍making each sailing experience smooth and‌ enjoyable.
Features Description
Spacious Cockpit Allows easy maneuverability ‍and comfortable‌ seating ⁢for all occupants.
Secure‍ Cabin Offers ⁢a​ lockable door to ‍store valuables and‍ provides a private space​ for relaxation.
Ample Storage Equipped with well-placed compartments‌ to⁤ keep all⁣ necessary gear and⁤ supplies organized.

vagabond 17 sailboat data

vagabond 17 sailboat data

The Vagabond 17 sailboat is⁢ a true epitome of elegance and ​adventure on the high seas. Designed to provide sailors⁢ with an unmatched experience, this beautiful ​vessel combines​ the ⁢perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted with precision and meticulous⁤ attention to detail, ‍the Vagabond 17 ​delivers‍ an unforgettable sailing ‌experience.

Equipped‍ with a range of​ impressive features, the Vagabond 17 sailboat is⁣ designed to‌ surpass expectations while navigating the ocean⁤ waves. Its ​notable features include:

  • Built-in ⁣self-bailing cockpit‍ for added safety and convenience.
  • A keel-mounted centerboard that optimizes stability and maneuverability.
  • Spacious cabin‌ providing ample room for⁤ relaxation⁤ and comfortable overnight stays.
  • Adjustable rigging options to harness ‍optimal wind power while ​sailing.
  • Sturdy handrails‌ ensuring secure movements on deck even in challenging conditions.
  • Cushioned seating in the cockpit ⁣area, enhancing ⁢comfort during ⁢long voyages.
Feature Description
Length 17 feet
Beam 6‌ feet 9 inches
Weight 850 lbs

Experience the‌ thrill⁤ of sailing ⁣the Vagabond 17 sailboat and unlock a world of endless possibilities. Whether ​you are seeking to‌ embark on exciting day⁤ trips or set ‌sail⁤ on an extended adventure, this vessel is sure ⁤to exceed ‍your expectations in terms of⁢ performance, comfort, and ‍style.

vagabond 17 ⁣sailboat diagram

vagabond 17 sailboat diagram

⁢ Welcome ⁤to the comprehensive ‌guide ​of the Vagabond 17‌ Sailboat. This ‌visually appealing diagram ⁤showcases the⁢ various ‍components ⁣and features of this exceptional sailboat, providing you⁣ with a detailed understanding ​of its functionality ‍and design.

⁣ ‌ Unveil the mysteries behind the Vagabond 17 Sailboat as you explore the​ intricacies of its ⁢structure. From​ the towering mast that holds the sails high to the sleek hull that effortlessly glides‌ through ⁣the ⁢water, this ⁤diagram highlights every element of this remarkable vessel. Discover the ergonomic cockpit,‌ designed for comfort and easy‌ maneuverability, ​and‍ the spacious cabin, providing a cozy sanctuary for those ​extended voyages. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a curious ⁤enthusiast,⁣ this sailboat diagram​ is your gateway to‌ understanding the essence of the Vagabond 17.

Features Description
1. Mast‌ and Sails Experience‍ the ​power of wind as the towering mast supports ‍the ⁣majestic sails, propelling you ⁢through the ⁣open waters with grace ⁤and ⁣speed.
2. Hull and ​Keel Navigate with⁣ stability⁢ and confidence, thanks to ⁢the sturdy hull and ⁤keel​ that enhance ‍the Vagabond 17’s maneuverability⁢ and performance in various sailing conditions.
3.⁣ Cockpit Enjoy comfort ⁤and control in the ergonomically⁤ designed cockpit, which offers⁣ a spacious ⁣seating‍ area, ⁢intuitive controls, ⁤and easy access⁤ to ‍crucial navigation instruments.

vagabond 17 sailboat for ‍sale

vagabond 17 sailboat ⁣

Looking ​for your next adventure on the open water? Look⁤ no further than ⁣the‍ Vagabond 17 ‍sailboat!⁣ This remarkable vessel is‌ now ⁣available , offering an exciting opportunity⁣ for sailing enthusiasts⁢ and​ adventurers alike.

The Vagabond‌ 17 sailboat ‌is ⁢designed to provide a‍ thrilling and memorable sailing experience. Here’s why ⁢you should consider making ​it your next nautical companion:

  • Durable Construction: Crafted⁣ with utmost precision and using high-quality ⁣materials, the ⁤Vagabond 17 is built to withstand the roughest of⁤ waves, ensuring your safety ‌on every ⁢journey.
  • Portability: With its ‌compact size, ‌the Vagabond 17 is easily transportable, allowing you to explore various bodies of water effortlessly.
  • Easy ‌Handling: The user-friendly design of ‍this sailboat makes it⁤ ideal⁢ for sailors of all skill⁣ levels. Whether‍ you’re a seasoned⁤ sailor or a beginner, you’ll easily navigate the waters with the Vagabond 17.
  • Comfortable Space: ‌ Despite its compact size, ‌the Vagabond 17 offers⁤ a surprisingly spacious cabin, ensuring‍ your comfort during long sailing journeys.
The Vagabond 17 ⁣Sailboat: A Comprehensive Guide Features
Durable Construction Designed to withstand rough⁣ waves,‌ ensuring safety
Portability Compact ⁣size allows ⁤for easy transportation
Easy Handling User-friendly design ‍caters⁢ to ⁣sailors of ⁤all skill levels


1. What ‍are the key features and specifications of the⁤ Vagabond 17⁣ sailboat?
– The Vagabond ⁤17 sailboat is a compact ⁣and versatile vessel‌ built‌ for​ both ⁣beginners and experienced⁤ sailors. It measures⁢ 17 ⁣feet in length and features a sturdy fiberglass ⁤construction,⁣ ensuring durability ⁤and⁣ longevity. ​Equipped⁤ with a single mast and a ⁤sloop ‍rig, it ⁤offers simplicity and‍ ease of ​handling. The Vagabond ‌17 also boasts​ a roomy ‍cockpit, accommodating up ​to four passengers comfortably. Additionally, ⁣it comes with a swing keel for shallow-water exploration and an ‌outboard motor mount for ⁣auxiliary ​propulsion.

2. How ‌does the ‍Vagabond 17 sailboat perform⁤ in ‌different weather conditions?
– The Vagabond 17 ‍sailboat⁣ is​ designed to excel‌ in ‌various‍ weather conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of‍ sailing ⁤adventures. With its‌ sloop rig ⁣and⁤ well-balanced⁣ hull, the ‍sailboat provides excellent stability even in moderate to strong winds.⁤ The swing keel adds ⁢versatility ‌by allowing for easy maneuverability in shallow‍ waters, while also‍ providing a solid and steady sailing experience. Overall, the ⁣Vagabond 17 is known for its reliable performance⁢ and⁣ ability to handle various ‍wind and water⁣ conditions.

3. What are some recommended maintenance tips for the Vagabond 17 sailboat?
– To ensure the longevity and optimal performance ‍of the Vagabond ‌17 sailboat, ⁢regular ‍maintenance⁢ is essential. It ​is ⁢recommended to thoroughly clean the​ hull and ⁤deck after each sailing ‍excursion, as well as​ periodically ⁣inspect and reseal ‌any potential leaks.⁤ Checking and maintaining the rigging,‌ including lines, halyards, and sails, is vital to⁤ ensure safe and efficient sailing. ⁢Furthermore, routine checks of the ⁣boat’s⁣ mechanical elements, such as​ the engine, keel system, and electrical components, are advised. Lastly, ​proper storage and covering of the sailboat during off-seasons⁣ will ‌protect it from ⁤the elements and extend its⁢ lifespan.

To Wrap It⁤ Up

In‍ conclusion, The​ Vagabond 17 sailboat offers a comprehensive sailing experience for ​both novice and seasoned sailors​ alike. With its compact size and​ sturdy construction, this vessel ⁤proves to be a​ reliable companion on any⁢ water‌ adventure. From its spacious cabin to its versatile​ rigging, every aspect of the Vagabond 17 has been carefully designed with functionality and⁤ comfort in⁤ mind.

Whether you’re planning ‍a weekend ⁤getaway or ‍a longer expedition, this⁤ sailboat’s ‌excellent performance characteristics ‌will ‍not⁤ disappoint. Its easy⁣ handling and impressive‍ stability make it ideal for navigating various wind ‌and weather conditions. The Vagabond 17’s‍ keel design ensures a ⁣smooth and balanced ride, while its reliable engine provides an extra ​level of safety ‌and peace of⁤ mind.

Beyond its sailing​ capabilities, the ⁢Vagabond 17 offers ⁢practicality and convenience. Its cleverly organized interior provides ample storage space and‌ comfortable sleeping arrangements for overnight trips.⁢ The boat’s well-thought-out layout⁣ includes‌ a⁢ galley area and a compact ⁢head, ​allowing for essential amenities while maximizing⁤ the use of space.

Maintenance‍ and upkeep ⁤are also ​made simple, ​thanks ⁢to its⁣ durable construction​ and ‍user-friendly design. The Vagabond 17 sailboat ‍easily⁣ withstands the rigors⁤ of regular use, ensuring⁤ a long-lasting‍ and enjoyable ownership experience.

Whether you’re‍ a weekend enthusiast looking to‍ explore new⁢ horizons or an experienced sailor seeking a versatile ‍vessel,‍ the Vagabond⁢ 17 sailboat checks‍ all⁢ the boxes. Its comprehensive features, reliability, and overall performance make it a‌ wise investment for any sailing‍ enthusiast.

So, embark on your next​ sailing adventure with confidence,⁣ comfort, and ‌excitement aboard the ​Vagabond 17 sailboat. Experience the‍ joy‍ of ⁣gliding across ​the waves, the‍ thrill of exploring ​new⁤ destinations, and⁣ the serenity of ⁢disconnecting from⁣ the hustle ⁤and ⁤bustle of everyday⁢ life. With the Vagabond 17, the ‌possibilities are endless,⁢ and every journey is ⁤an opportunity to create ⁤unforgettable⁣ memories.


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